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July 2014


  • Restoring a 1940 Packard 120 Sedan, Pt. 1
    After resting in a field for years, this Packard had a new owner. He figured that one Packard in his garage wasn’t enough.
  • Pursuing an Engine Coolant Leak, Pt. 2
    We’re going to try a sealer product to stop that leak. But there’s more to it than just emptying a bottle into the radiator.
  • 1952 Dodge B-Series Pickup
    It was a step away from the past and a move toward the future of pickups. But it was never meant to be a deep-sea vehicle.
  • A Silver Paint Shoot-Out
    There are many uses for different types of silver paint during a project. This will give you a head start on your shopping.
  • Installing a Disc/Drum Brake System
    Join in as this pickup truck owner switches over from a drum/drum setup. Car owners take note: You won’t have to cut an access hole.
  • Ford’s Limited Edition Anniversary Mustang
    In honor of a half-century of Mustangs, Ford is building a few very special pony cars. We wonder how many will ever get their tires dirty.
  • Classic Car Motor Oil Offered by Car Club
    So you figure your current oil doesn’t have enough ZDDP? Then consider this new product from the Indiana Region of the Classic Car Club of America.


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