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April 2014


  • For the Mustang’s 50th Anniversary…
    We’re featuring a 1964½ pony that’s been restored…twice.
  • Introducing—the Mustang!
    Fifty years ago this month the Mustang was shown to the media prior to its public introduction. Let’s attend that news conference and hear what one top executive had to say in unveiling the now-iconic car.
  • Readers Speak Out
    There’s a debate on two-foot driving and non-original wheels. We also heard about an Isetta daily driver and received a warning about glass.
  • 1976 Ford LTD Landau
    Finding trim and metal parts for this uncommon car can be a difficult task. But it’s worth it as the LTD represents the last of the truly big cars.
  • Suddenly, the Headlights Went Out, Pt. 2
    Replacing the car’s dimmer switch didn’t solve our problem. So we’ll check the shop manual to determine our next move.
  • Pursuing an Engine Coolant Leak, Pt. 1
    Finding one leak on an engine doesn’t always solve the problem. Sometimes you must then do some automotive detective work.
  • When the Beetle Came to America
    The first little Volkswagen was an overnight success here, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, it was worse than a total failure.
  • Porsche’s True Roots…A 21-mph Electric Vehicle
    When someone mentions the word “Porsche,” what comes to mind is a horseless carriage with electric drive, correct? If that’s what you’re thinking, history says you’re on target.


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